Before 2024, Interfaces was a community-focused initiative based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to nurturing and amplifying marginalized artists through IDEA-conscious arts programming. The organization was committed to valuing difference, accountability, and evolution beyond capitalistic worth, with a mission to positively impact communities. It featured a detailed listing of board members and staff, emphasizing their roles and contributions.

From 2024 onwards, Interfaces transformed into a recommendation and review hub, focusing on products personally tested by its team. This new direction aimed to provide honest, detailed insights into a wide range of products, from technology to household items. By leveraging their community trust and expertise, Interfaces sought to guide consumers towards making informed purchasing decisions, emphasizing quality, usability, and value for money. This pivot reflected a strategic shift to adapt to changing consumer needs and digital consumption patterns, while still maintaining a commitment to their foundational values of integrity and community benefit.

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Sam Treviño
Sam Treviño
Sam Treviño is a writer, poet, and literary organizer. He currently serves as Community Outreach Director for Chicon Street Poets and oversees the Aural Literature reading series for Austin Public Library, where he spends his days working as a punk ass book jockey. He wants to have a conversation with you.
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